Friday, August 10, 2012

Langston 1 Year

Can it be true that my little girl is already a year old?  Actually 13 months as I write this post because I am behind.  Doing monthly posts has been hard to keep up with.  The boys are good to get quarterly posts.  So yes, the first year flew by even quicker than the boys' did.  I have truly enjoyed having a girl although I love my boys dearly.  It is so nice having a balance in the house.  Growing up with my parents having 4 boys and 4 girls we were very balanced.  I am hoping I can do the same and balance the girls out in the future :)

This month Langston made some big strides with crawling and walking.  Where before she only crawled on one knee and one foot, now she crawls almost primarily the normal way.  Except when her dresses get in the way and she has to stand on both feet and crawl.  She is also cruising and walking around with us much better.  Not ready to walk on her own yet, but I believe by 13-14 months she will have it(being that she is 13 months now and almost there my prediction is right).  Lang also cut another tooth putting her total at 8 for 12 months old (now she has one molar as well). 

12 month doctor's appt- Height 29 in and weight 19.1 lb.  40% in both

Food:  Langston now eats all meals and pretty much anything she can chew.  We still give her mostly healthy foods only, water, started milk, no juice, etc.  She did have birthday cake and homemade sorbet on her birthday and she does get bites of our desserts occasionally.  I am still nursing her fairly often.  Right now she still has four feedings a day, but soon I am going to drop to three.  Right now I plan on doing three until about 15 months and then drop to morning and night until 18 months at this time.  Both boys were done at 15 months, but she loves it and right now it doesn't bother me to continue.  I know it is still beneficial and can only help.  I do think she will be harder to wean though because she knows when she wants to nurse.  The boys were not like that, too busy.

Sleep:  10-11 hours at night and two shorter naps or one long afternoon nap.  Works for me.

Speech: Langston still doesn't say a whole lot.  Mama, dada, her form of mine, ball and that may be it.  She does point at things she wants, can sign more, please, and her form of I want.  She understands us though and will mimic her brothers.  The other day they were talking into the fan as it went past to hear the voice fluctuation.  After hearing them just once she started doing the same things just with a AHHHHH sound.  So cute.

Langston loves playing with her brothers, giving kisses, her mommy, playing contently with her toys (I amazed at how much she pretend plays with her toys already), the water, walking with someone, and much more.  She doesn't dislike much, but she is starting to want her way.  She also gets sad at bedtime when she knows she is going to bed and the boys are still up.

For Langston's first birthday I had a pinwheel party and I was very pleased with how it turned out.  We didn't do a whole lot with the theme, but I did make a pinwheel/month banner, some other pinwheel decorations, had some pinwheel sandwiches, and put pinwheels on the cake.  The colors were fun with summer and she looked so pretty.

This has been a great year!!!!


Splash Park

She loved it

Dad and bubbas

Langston and her girlie cousins

Langston and Navy in matching suits

Reading already :)

Yes boys I am cute

Langston got stuck with the cruddy glasses and she is not happy about it

Langston's 1st Birthday

This banner has her monthly picture in between each pinwheel.

The table decorations and her whole wheat carrot cake.

I love this picture

She loves this little people castle from the Wade grandparents.

Daddy got to blow out the candle

And this is how she decided she should eat it.

Her princess chair from the Helm grandparents.

Boy's Spy Birthday

Since Easton was born right after Christmas, we have always done a half birthday for his party and celebrated his actual birthday just doing an immediate family dinner.  This year since Easton's half birthday and Kenan's real birthday are so close, we put the parties together.  They chose to have a spy themed party.  It turned out really well thanks to the internet and pinterst.  I was able to get a number of ideas that were cute and didn't cost much.  I think they had a great time.

I made bomb cakes for the boys.

Here are the cakes along with the top secret invitation.

Easton going through the obstacle course to get his agility star.

Kenan's turn at the obstacle course.

The disguise session.  He looks like mario.

Second cousin Jordan was here from Atlanta.  The boys loved that he was here.  Magnum PI

Cameron from Atlanta pulling off his Pink Panther look.

Kenan's mario look.

Tenley and Grandma Wendy got in on the fun.

Working on cracking the codes.

Deactivating the bombs.

Present time

He got so many great gifts.  His new bike was one of them.

Kenan's new basketball goal.


Can I just say that Easton is one funny kid.  Easton is now 3 1/2 and full of energy, life, and humor.  He is super smart as well and I am a little worried we may have a class clown on our hands if he gets bored in school.  For example, when we were at Brown County we watched Angels in the Outfield one night.  Easton didn't even look like he was paying attention but then last week when Jonathan was playing with them in the backyard he came in and said that Easton was quoting parts of the movie.  That is just how he is.  He will remember everything and even know little details about it even if you think he wasn't paying attention.  So far we have not signed him up for any sports because he is still too young in our opinion.  He may play soccer next year when he is four though.  Right now the big thing for him is getting ready for preschool.  Just like Kenan, Easton is registered at Friends Forever and as far as I know will have Ms. Betsy.  He is so excited.  He is more outgoing than Kenan and feeds off of people.  It is weird because since Kenan started right after he turned 3 and Easton will be 6 months older than that he seems like he should be in preK vs. preschool.  This summer he hasn't taken naps consistantly like he was doing.  Most of this has to do with our busy schedule in the summer and having too much fun to make him take a nap.  It is funny to see that as the summer has progressed he has fallen asleep more and more in the afternoons.  I think we have worn him out.  I am thankful for this because I hope to get him to take at least a small nap most afternoons once school starts again.  Kenan stopped napping around 4 and I am shooting for at least this, if not longer(next summer preferrably).  Lastly, I am so proud of Easton's swimming.  At the beginning of the summer he was scared to try and swim without his wings.  He would just put his hands to his side and sink.  Then he would tell me,"see I told you I would drown."  Gradually he came around, and now he can swim a sloppy freestyle about 3-5 feet.  As long as he can get there in one breath he is good.


Splashpark in Boonville

Lincon-Rochelle Pool

Grandpa Greg got the boys these flashlights for their hats.

To go down the big slide by himself he had to wear a life jacket.

Petting a pig at the 4H fair.

Serious driver