Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Langston 11 months

     This month has been a big one for Langston.  Development-wise she has made many strides.  The first and most significant is crawling.  Shortly after the last post she begin crawling (or her form of crawling) all over the place.  She crawls with one knee and one foot.  I think she believes she gets more push forward that way.  It is cute to watch.  The first time she came down the hall to the back where we all were was fun to see.  The problem is that she is into everything now.  Also her mood has been affected some since crawling has begun.  Where before she was the happiest girl, so content to sit and play for hours, now she can get irritated and upset easier.  This comes from crawling to toys she wants (the boy's toys mostly)and then getting them taken from her.  Ensuing in tears because she wanted that toy and worked hard to get to it and now she doesn't get to play with it.  Personality has is starting to come out.  I swear she can already say her version of "mine." Also, baby proofing has become a full-time job again because she puts everything in her mouth.  We were spoiled because Easton didn't do that, and we forgot how much can go in the mouth.  She is not walking by herself at all yet, but she can pull herself up on things and walk slowly while holding someone's hands.  I am in no hurry though.
      Food:  She is eating all three meals now and pretty much any food.  I still try and keep fruit and vegetables as the main parts of the meal, but she can eat most of what we eat minus some of the meat.  The only meat so far is fish because of the soft texture.  She is not too picky with her food and prefers to pick it up and feed herself versus me feeding her.  She still nurses 5 times a day, although her last month of the first year(next month) I will go to 4 times.  After a year I will slowly drop feedings, but plan to nurse until at least 15 months.
      Sleep: Langston sleeps around 10 hours at night and two naps a day usually.  If she only gets one nap it is a long early afternoon nap.  Her total sleep for the day is probably 13-14 hours.  One of her new things with sleep is pulling herself up at the end of the bed in the morning or the middle of the night when she wakes up.  This poses a problem because she will just stand there and cry which can keep her from falling back asleep if it is not time to get up.  Hopefully she learns to sit back down soon.
      Speech:  Words that she tries to say are mom, ball, and mine.  There have been a few da das, but Nick doesn't think they are real yet.  She has also pointed at something she wants a couple of times.  It is funny to see her and her cousin Navy try and talk to each other.
      This month Langston has gotten to start swimming in my mom's pool.  She loves the water and we can tell we have another water baby on our hands.  I am glad because I love the water as well.  She has also started to try and wave, give high fives, and lean in for kisses.

 Notice all of the water pictures already this summer

Anticipating the flash

Daddy clean shaven

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